Ash wood entryway bench with four cylindrical legs and shelves to fit 3 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots
Top of cylindrical legs are convexly shaped, gracefully sitting just proud of the seat
Bench seat with book matched white ash wood, with end-grain exposed in the top of the 4 legs
Horizontal shelves disappear into half of the cylindrical legs, where hidden tenon joinery add strength to the light wood furniture

Entryway Bench

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When you open your door to your house, what’s the first thing you see? For my latest zero-waste client- it was her collection of empty glass bottles awaiting refill at the Hamilton food co-op. Now when her door opens- all you see is an elegant place to take off your shoes. Nothing says “welcome home” like an organized entryway.


Made from sustainably sourced, local rift-cut solid ash, this bench begs for closer inspection. Mortise and tenon joinery seamlessly incorporate the wood-turned legs into the top and sides of the design. A durable water-based finish ensures protection, and prevents UV yellowing over time. This blond wood is sure to blend into light coloured drywall, or pop against punchy deep blues and greens. No matter what colour it’s in front of- the subtle elegance of this bench is sure to make your visitors do a double take.

This item is made to order, meaning the one pictured was custom made for a client. If you select this design, we’ll work together to modify it to suit your needs and the dimensions of your space. Turn around for this item is between 4-12 weeks.

Dimensions: 36L x 20H x11”D