Black Walnut Brie Knife


Handcrafted knife for brie, carved out of sustainably sourced local Black Cherry wood.

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Black Walnut is native to North America, a relative of the Californian strain Claro Walnut, from which we harvest edible walnuts. While Black Walnuts are inedible to humans, the wood is still extremely sought after for its gorgeous, rich chocolate brown colour. This knife would make an incredible addition to any charcuterie board spread. It is perfect for slicing a soft brie, or applying spread to bread or crackers. It was hand drawn, then cut in two directions on the bandsaw. Next, it was carefully whittled and shaped by hand carving. I then meticulously sanded the knife to get the perfect smooth desired shape. It was then sealed with food-safe finish, and is ready for use at your next dinner party.